Goodbye, Van

Our van was stolen. OH NO! Fortunately none of our equipment was in it, but all of our merchandise was. I woke up to move the van to other side of the street and couldn't find it. Naturally, I assumed I had forgotten where it was, as I tend to do that sort of thing. Fast forward an hour and we were filing a police report. 

Of course it looked bleak, according to the dudes in blue, but we kept our hopes up. We called every tow company in the area, as well as tow lots, and no one had it on record. A few weeks pass and we got a call saying they found the van. AWESOME! 

No. Not awesome. Apparently it had been gutted and left on the side of the road, towed to a lot, and crushed into a compact cube with all of our merchandise in it. 

So here we are, vanless, merchless, and about to record an album and play a bunch of shows. We're doing what we can to figure things out, and god damn it we will! 

Whatever, though. We're buying a new van, recording a new record, and touring. Our brothers from Community Records are excellent enough to send us a batch of vinyls and CDs, so we won't skip a beat. See you all on the road soon!