10/3/17 - Florida

We're excited to be playing Fest 16 this year in Gainesville on October 28. We're shutting down the Atlantic Saturday night with a Safety set then a Shellac set. Happy to be playing in St. Petersburg on October 24 at Lucky You Tattoo. We just finished tracking new music, and we're releasing a new video this Thursday. It's Halloween forever.

9/27/16 - Why are the Ocean Levels Rising Up?

Safety emerges from its slumber, clawing dirt and twigs from our rears, 20 pounds lighter, and with a new stench that can only be described as "impressive." We've been up to a lot these days. We're currently writing our new record, which I (Andy) will be recording. A big task on the horizon, but a fun one, and one we're really looking forward to. The new songs we're working on are totally different, and they're opening up some doors I never really thought we'd open. We've added two new shows in NYC for October, and we're making plans for an early 2017 nationwide tour. Additionally, we're in the final stages of editing a new music video for "Ultraviolet Light" off of our last record, Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind. All good things on the horizon, and we can't wait to share it with you all. Keep your ear to the ground, and we'll see you soon!

6/1/16 - Music She Blogged 

Music She Blogged (our awesome friend Sarah out of Toronto) released a comp today with "A Wealth of Sorrows in a few Words" on it. The track list on this comp is rad. Proceed with the listening. Also, our show on July 14 just got moved to Fat Baby in Manhattan. Let's party!

5/20/16 - Ghosts

Breaking radio silence! Just added a rad show with Direct Hit in Brooklyn on July 14. I'm betting we'll be whipping out some new jams. We're putting together a tour for October, and shit is gonna pop off. We may also have a new video in the works. Meanwhile, I bought a new guitar. Not that you care, but, you know, I do. 

2/3/16 - And They're Off

Well, well, well, well, well. There's always five wells. We find ourselves at the start of this year with some exciting new things! First of all, we're touring the northeast and Canada this March with our buddies from The Motorleague! The new dates are posted in the tour section of the site, and those shows are going to be super fun. Furthermore, we now have our very own webstore, which you can find in the navigation bar of the site. AND FURTHERMORE, we're filming our second music video for a track from Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind in two weeks! So much is happening, and lots of stuff is happening this year, so keep an eye out. Pick up a shirt/record from the webstore, come see us on the road, and keep your ear to the ground for a lot more stuff from us this year. Love you all.

12/28 - Year End

This year has been amazing. We've had the opportunity to record and release a record we're super proud of, tour the United States, play Pouzza Fest and The Fest 14, etc. As we say goodbye to 2015, we look forward to this upcoming year and are really excited. We've started writing new music, and have some tours in the works that we're very stoked about. Thanks for your support this year, and we can't wait to see you on the road in 2016!

11/4 - Back From Tour

Man, the past few weeks have been insane. A big thank you to everyone who came to see us on the road, hung out with us at festivals, and came to shred with us at our shows. We're lucky enough to have great friends all over the country. Cllctyrslf are a bunch of awesome dudes and you should check them out. Block Party in New Orleans was amazing, as usual, Fest 14 was indescribable, and we had a great time performing a Smashing Pumpkins cover set in Tallahassee (which can now be viewed in its entirety on our Sights/Sounds page) and Gainesville. 

Now that we're back it's time to start putting together some new songs, book more tours, and all other sorts of things bands do. I'll be uploading some pictures from the road soon. Thanks again for being the best. 

10/8 - Tour/The FEST/Block Party/The World is a Vampire

Next week we kick off a two week tour through the US! The first four dates (CT, NY, NJ, PA) are with our buddies in cllctyrslf, and we'll be making stops at Community Records' Block Party, No Idea Records' The FEST, and other really rad shows afterwards

On 10/25 we're playing a show in Tallahassee, FL at TV Land performing an all Smashing Pumpkins cover set to benefit a mental illness non-profit. Not only is this show going to be super fun, but the proceeds are going to a very good cause. When you're given the chance to contribute to something meaningful as a musician it's always very exciting, and we've put a lot of time into making sure these Pumpkins songs sound brutal.

Come scream your lungs out with us on the road. If you haven't committed our new record to memory yet, take the opportunity to do so now, and see if you can sing louder than we can at these shows. See you all very soon. 

<3 Andy

8/31 - New Noise Spotify Playlist

The good people at New Noise Magazine asked us to curate a playlist for them, and we did indeed. Check out the playlist here, via New Noise!

8/12 - Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind

Today is the day we've been waiting for for a long time. We've partnered with Substream Magazine to stream the entirety of our new record "Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind." Click the link here to listen to the past year of our lives. We look forward to seeing you all out at our release shows this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We're really looking forward to entering the next era of Safety with all of you. 

8/6 - HiFi Noise Interview

We sat down with HiFi Noise to do an interview. Give it a read!

8/5 - The Shadow Over Brooklyn Video Premier 

New Noise Magazine has been kind enough to stream our new music video "The Shadow Over Brooklyn!" Click the link and go check it out. Super happy to release this bad boy today. While you're at it, you can still pre-order the record from Community Records here!

7/22 - First Review and Tampa Show Announcement

New Noise Magazine has been kind enough to review our upcoming EP "Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind." You can read it here, and you definitely should. We're also super happy to announce that we'll be playing in Tampa on Oct 27 with The CV. We called all the powers of the universe together to conjure up enough dark matter to poof this into existence, and it worked. Check the tour page to get the skinny. So much good stuff on the horizon!

7/22 - Stream This Track!

7/6/15 - New Track

Man, a lot has happened in a couple of days. We released a new song called A Wealth of Sorrows in a Few Words, which can be heard here, and it's been awesome seeing all the positive feedback on it. We're really stoked on all that's left to come with releasing songs from this new record.

We have some awesome shows on the horizon, too! 7/11 we're playing here in Brooklyn, 7/30 we're in Clinton, CT for a free show, and 7/31 we're back in Boston doing what we do. You can check out the pre-order for the new record "Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind" here. Pick up a copy. It means we can eat later. Thanks again for the outpouring of support. We're super stoked to share all of our hard work with you over the coming months.

6/22/15 - A Wealth of Sorrows in a Few Words

On June 30th we're releasing the first new song from our upcoming EP called "Congratulate Me, I've Lost My Mind" on Community Records. It's been the longest, most transformative experience of my life to be a part of this record, and I speak for Grayum and Nick when I say we're very excited to share this record with you. 

6/11/15 - Things to Come

The past couple of months have been a blur in the best possible way. Other than the fact that our bass lord Grayum is a recently certified sommelier, and that I'm becoming devilishly more handsome every day, we've had the opportunity to play some really awesome shows, and make some progress with releases for our new record. The record title and everything are going to be officially announced on June 30. We'll be releasing a brand new single, as well as some other cool information about the record.

We've booked a ton of upcoming shows, including shows in MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, and FL among other places. Fest this year is going to be amazing, and we have some tricks up our proverbial sleeves for it. We played at Silent Barn here in Brooklyn last night with Del Paxton, Cardboard Swords, and Ishmael, and it was a really fantastic show. Nothing is quite as exciting as making new friends in bands we're stoked on. 

We finished recording/editing our first music video this month, and will be releasing it in July. Things happen fast, and right now all of those things are good things. Except Nick. Nick is a terrible thing.

4/22/15 - Pouzza Fest

Sup hosers? We're playing Pouzza Fest in May, Fest 14 in October, and this Saturday we're playing with Into It Over It and Major League at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. We've also locked down a release date for our new record, and will be releasing final specs on all of that shortly. Keep checking our shows page because we're stacking 'em up. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the road this year.

1/15/15 - Upcoming Shows

We're playing Philly with our buds in Aspiga on Feb 27, and Boston the next night, Feb 28. Check out the tour section for all the shows we're working on. Also, give me coffee now brain hurt make me hurty hurty.